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you can see a lot of pictures including scenes in bella silverstar2's adventure series and the members and a few bases and new oc's


silhouette picture
this is a silhouette commission that costs about 200 points
Reference sheet
This is for a Reference sheet it is cost about 100 points
Base commissions
here are commissions so the base costs 50 points so yeah




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April Cain
This is for :iconcubiejewelart: Of her oc April Cain. It's my version of her so yeah. I hope you like it!

April Cain belongs to :iconcubiejewelart:
Me and the youtuber 6
Here's a second photo of the youtuber 7. I hope you like it!


Credit time!
Marie belongs to Mariecarasco143 on google plus
Sonja belongs to :iconthecrystopilisempire: (Like I said you can find her on youtube)
Lora light belongs to :iconloralighttwinkle:
Chloe belongs to :iconchloeheartrocks:
Madison belongs to :iconxmadisonclarkx:
Cami belongs to :iconcameron33268110:
Me/bella silverstar2 belongs to :iconbellasilverstar2: (me)
Guys... I need help... Look at the picture... What am I gonna do...
ChloeHeartrocks ChocolatteRose15

embedded_item1487438411166 by Bellasilverstar2
Guys... I need help *cries* Look at this I felt like I'm in pain and I need help... Please... *cries hardly* Help me... :'(

embedded_item1487094148059 by Bellasilverstar2
Me and cinnamon
Here's the finished picture of me and cinnamon. I hope you like it!

Cinnamon (MegaMan X Command mission) Belongs to Capcom
Me/bella silverstar2 belongs to me

Veronica and Zero
Here's a photo of Veronica and Zero. I hope you like it!

No base used
Me and gate when we first met
Here's a scene from War never change when I first Meet gate in a flashback. If you guys don't know who gate is he's from Megaman X6

Thsi is what happened:

Me: I found out what the Nightmare is... The Nightmare is an artificial virus. It infects Reploids and rewrites their DNA and AI programs, immobilizing them. At worst, even their appearance changes. We don't know exactly as our analysis is not yet complete... But it is very similar to the Mavericks.

Zero: Right...

Me: But I'll tell you the real threat of the Nightmare. The Nightmare phenomena... An infected Reploid gets out of order... By inputting certain code, in fact, you can manipulate the Reploid freely. The real purpose of the Nightmare is... not to ruin Reploids, but to control Reploids... Finally: When the virus rewrites his system, the Reploid sometimes dies. A normal virus dies with its host. The Nightmare is so strong, the virus can survive after the Reploid dies. On the other hand, we don't need a special vaccine to damage it, since the energy is so strong. Deleting them may be easier than Sigma...

Zero: What is pulling the strings...?

Me: To create such an advanced virus... He is the only one... The one...who was my colleague... Gate... The investigators... Some look different, but those eight Reploids were created by Gate. They should have been in use somewhere else since they are very able Reploids... Thinking of the Nightmare program, he is the only one capable of this.

Zero: ...Why is Gate doing this?

Me: When he and I worked for the Reploids Research Team... All his Reploids were super. His program was too advanced to analyze. The Reploids made remarkable progress. But that started to become dangerous. Then some Reploids began to take needless risks. Gate's reputation started to falter. But he continued creating more advanced Reploids so that he would get recognition for his ability. Of course, it was against our boss. One day, making it look like an accident, the Reploids were disposed of. It was our boss' orders. But I participated...

Zero: It was inevitable...

Me: We could have taken steps to adjust the program. But his program was just too advanced. There were too much that could not be analyzed by us.

Zero: They can't be analyzed... like us.

Me: I hesitate to say this...He also aimed to make the strongest Reploids. Zero and X... He wanted you. He believed that the ultimate Reploid can never be he strived. So his program advanced to the point where no one could analyze it. He was much smarter than me... but I got ahead as I followed orders. Nobody gave him the proper recognition. Then he got isolated, and left saying this: I'll get revenge on all low Reploids who couldn't appreciate my ability! Building an ideal nation with high-end Reploids only. That was his ambition... The Nightmare is that very revenge on those who didn't appreciate him! It is the embodiment of his "hatred"!

Zero: The time for dreaming is over! We'll crush your ambition, Gate!

Me: Yes. Stop Gate's plan at once. Gate must delete the Nightmare.

Zero: All right. Let's find Gate!

Original image can be found here:…

Theme when me and gate first met:…
Me and cinnamon (WIP)
Here's a Work in progress of me and cinnamon so yeah.

Picture of cinnamon belongs to :iconshadowninjamaster:
Photo of my self belongs to me…


Bellasilverstar2's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Name: Bella Silverstar

Age: 14

Status: Taken (by Jaderexx122 on YouTube (Whatever you do don't take him away from me he's really cool to me and I love him. I also have feelings for him so let me have his heart)

Gender: Female (I'm sure you guys know that)

DA cousin: :iconchocolatterose15:

Element of: Forgiveness

Youtube: Bella silverstar2

Instagram: Bellasilverstar2 (it's the same name)

DA friends: :iconxmadisonclarkx:, :iconloralighttwinkle:, :iconchloeheartrocks: and :iconfashionnova: (Fashionnova is my friend at my school)

DA brother: :iconsonicboy100:

Da sisters: :iconsamanthasilverstar21:, :iconchloeheartrocks: and :iconkatetheraccoon:

Couples that I ship
1. X and alia
2. Iris and zero
3. Me and hunter
4. Eli and Chloe
5. Axl and cosmic (cosmic is my oc)
6. Xan and Tiffany (Xan is my friend's oc on Facebook)
7. Isabella and taru (taru is my oc that fell in love with Isabella)
8. Brandon and Sunset shimmer (Brandon is :iconepiccartoonsfan:)
9. Danny and Sam
10. Ratchet and Kat (Kat is :iconyoshiyoshi700:'s oc)
11. Clank and Arana (:iconrachelestone:'s oc)
12. Lorcan and Yesenia
13. Shadow and Riley

Fans of
Axl Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Megaman X Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Zero Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMaker
Gate Fan Stamp by Evetsu


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This is when you gave me a commission so yeah

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